Light Language Transmission

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Learn Light Language as a healing method for yourself. Read more about light language transmission for energy healing.

If you do one of two things, you may be able to converse to yourself in Light Language or use Light Language Transmission to mend or wake up elements of your life. Light Language is a great force for good because of its frequency and aim. When you transmit a Light Language message, your energy field alters. You can make it anything you want. There might be a lot going on at once.

Light Language is a sort of energy coding utilized during transmission to repair or rewire energy patterns that negatively impact your everyday life. These patterns may have immeasurable effects on levels of awareness and sub-conscience. Each Light Language has its distinct tone and vitality. However, the Light Languages vary in more ways than how people speak.

Can You Understand Light Language?

It is possible to convey information and energy using Light Language Transmission. As a result, it often conveys a story. I usually go back to minimize miscommunication and explain my points after I’ve aired them, if possible. I also teach my students how to understand Light Languages during the training. I’ve seen time and time again how quickly and precisely the group can agree.

Light Language Transmission

What Are The Benefits Of Using Light Language?

A wide range of applications is possible with the Light Language and Light Language Transmission, including:

Using Light Language, you may discover more about your Starseed and Earthseed ancestry. The Language a student learned in their former existence before coming to Earth as the person they are now is one of the first languages they study in school. The question, “Where did I originate from as a Starseed?” is common among lightworkers. The answer to the query may be found in Light Language. You learn about your assignment when you awaken Artcturian and realize that Arcturus has entrusted you with an important task. Awakening Sirian asserts that the Sirius system is where humans spend our last incarnation in the cosmos.

Light Language may be used to speak with your Soul Family, often referred to as your Spirit Guides. Previously, it was claimed that each Light Language had its energy signature. Your whole body and energy field are thus adjusted to the frequency of the Light Language you speak. As a result, communicating with your Galactic Support Team will be much easier.

Use Light Language to energize your frequency and purify the atmosphere around you. There are several frequencies in Light Languages that are good for your health. Like a smudging stick or Tibetan singing bowl, they may be used to clear negative energy. Pleiadian Light Language has one of the highest frequencies of any Light Language. If you’re feeling down, watch this 60-second video of me speaking Pleiadian. If you do this, you will indeed feel revitalized. After only one listens, one listener said that the music had alleviated her hangover!

A person’s “energy field” rather than their “mindset” may be conveyed using the Light Language. Light Language Transmission may be used to re-code your field for maximum energy flow, as previously indicated. Beings of Light such as the Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians may help you get strong codes from their collective awareness that can help you in various ways.

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